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The country has vigorously promoted intelligent manufacturing and 3D digital industry, and enterprises are increasingly in urgent need of talents who understand 3D software technology, 3D scanning, 3D printing and other digital manufacturing technologies. In this historical transformation period of China from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, more and more schools have begun to build 3D digital industry teaching bases, so that students can access the latest 3D software, 3D printing technology, and cultivate the interest and ability of innovation and creation, And it has the technical capability of 3D digital manufacturing required by enterprises.

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Precision UV Curing Solutions for Industrial Applications CHUVB800

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During the laser scanning process of photosensitive resin, the ultraviolet light polymerizes with the molecules in the resin to form the solid final molding part from the liquid state. However, due to the fast laser scanning speed, only most of the polymerization can be completed. There are still a few residual resins in the liquid state in the part that are not cured or not fully cured. The strength of the part is increased by double curing such as the second curing through the curing box, Post-curing treatment can complete the polymerization of resin inside the part and improve the final mechanical strength of the part.

Our 3D printers are equipped with a high-quality, efficient, and stable UV curing chamber that delivers higher surface quality and longer lifespan to your 3D prints.

Our UV curing chamber features a fully enclosed design that saves space and improves UV curing efficiency while reducing environmental impact. Our curing chamber also has an automated control system that ensures stable and reliable curing.

Our UV curing chamber uses high-quality UV lamps that ensure even illumination and stable intensity. The curing chamber is also equipped with an LCD screen and touch interface for easy and convenient operation.

Our 3D printers with UV curing chambers are suitable for various applications, including medical devices, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing. Our accompanying product ensures stable and high-quality 3D printing results.



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