3D Printing Industry Tecology

The country has vigorously promoted intelligent manufacturing and 3D digital industry, and enterprises are increasingly in urgent need of talents who understand 3D software technology, 3D scanning, 3D printing and other digital manufacturing technologies. In this historical transformation period of China from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, more and more schools have begun to build 3D digital industry teaching bases, so that students can access the latest 3D software, 3D printing technology, and cultivate the interest and ability of innovation and creation, And it has the technical capability of 3D digital manufacturing required by enterprises.

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Clear Photosensitive Resin for High-Detail 3D Printing CHR9600T

Transparent material



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Product description

CHR9600T is a transparent liquid SLA photosensitive resin with good surface smoothness and good dimensional stability. Its performance is close to or similar to that of ABS material. It is used for solid state laser curing and stereo molding to form shapes. It is widely used in the production of master molds, conceptual models and functional components in industrial fields such as automobile lamps, handicrafts, cups and cosmetics packaging industries.

Our photosensitive resin material is an excellent choice for 3D printing in a variety of applications. With exceptional precision and durability, our material ensures high-quality prints that meet your needs.

Our photosensitive resin material is compatible with various 3D printing technologies, including Stereolithography (SLA) and Digital Light Processing (DLP). It provides excellent detail and surface quality, making your prints look refined.

Our photosensitive resin material is highly durable and can withstand high temperatures and pressures. It also exhibits excellent chemical stability, making it an ideal material for prototyping, simulation, and mold making.

Our photosensitive resin material can be used in various applications, including medical devices, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing. Whether you need high-precision prototyping or production-grade manufacturing, our photosensitive resin material can meet your needs.




VALUE(After UV curing)

Hardness, Shore D

ASTM D 2240


Flexural modulus, Mpa

ASTM D 790


Flexural strength, Mpa

ASTM D 790


Tensile strength, MPa

ASTM D 638


Elongation at break

ASTM D 638


Impact strength notched Izod, J/m

ASTM D 256


Notch impact strength

Heat deflection temperature, ℃

ASTM D 648 @66PSI


Thermal deformation temperature

Density, g/cm3



Dielectric Constant

ASTM D 150-98


60 Hz


Water absorption

ASTM D 570-98



312~420 cps @ 25 ℃



0.18 mm



8.9~9.5 mJ/cm2


Building layer thickness




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