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The country has vigorously promoted intelligent manufacturing and 3D digital industry, and enterprises are increasingly in urgent need of talents who understand 3D software technology, 3D scanning, 3D printing and other digital manufacturing technologies. In this historical transformation period of China from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, more and more schools have begun to build 3D digital industry teaching bases, so that students can access the latest 3D software, 3D printing technology, and cultivate the interest and ability of innovation and creation, And it has the technical capability of 3D digital manufacturing required by enterprises.

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Industrial-Grade Metal 3D Printers using SLM Technology FS421M

Metal Printer


Metal Printer

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Product description

Medium and large forming size

With 425 × four hundred and twenty-five × 420mm forming cylinder size

Greatly expand the application space of metal additive manufacturing

Continuous production

With continuous production capacity

Especially suitable for mass production needs of industrialized users

Mature multi-laser lapping process

Innovative dual-laser scanning strategy

With mature double laser lapping technology

Eliminate overlapping lines

Considering quality and efficiency

Advanced dynamic focus technology

Better balance between surface quality and printing efficiency


Sample name: turbine cooling test bench

Printing device: FS421M

Printing material: FS Ti6Al4V


The turbine cooling test-bed is used for dynamic test of different turbine blades. The flaky structure of the outer wall improves the rigidity of the part without increasing the thermal mass. Huashu FS421M equipment is used for integrated molding, with size of 365 × three hundred and sixty-five × 320mm, wall thickness 0.8mm, weight 6.46kg, printing time 144 hours. The surface roughness Ra in the vertical direction is 3 um, and the surface roughness Ra in the 45 ° direction is<10 um.


Technical Parameter

Overall dimension (L×W×H)

2700×1290×2290mm (2700×1290×2850mm powder tank)

Forming cylinder size1 (L×W×H)

425×425×420mm (Including the thickness of formed base plate)

Net weight of equipment

About 3500kg

Thickness of powder layer

0.02 - 0.1 mm adjustable

Scanning speed

Up to 15.2 m/s

laser system

Fiber laser, single laser (1 × 500W),

Dual laser (2 × 500W)

Galvanometer scanning system

Single laser (1 × High-precision three-axis scanning galvanometer)

Dual laser (2 × High-precision three-axis scanning galvanometer)

laser spot size

Contour scan diameter is about 70 μ m. Filling diameter is 70-200 μ m

Inert gas consumption (printing process)

3 - 5 L/min (nitrogen/argon)

Operating system

64-bit Windows10

Data processing and system control software

BuildStar, MakeStar®

Software function

Open source parameter adjustment, real-time modification of construction parameters, 3D visualization, diagnosis function

Data format


Power requirements


Operating ambient temperature


Forming material2

FS 316L, FS GH3536, FS GH3230*, FS IN718,

FS IN625, FS AlSi10Mg, FS AlMgScZr, FS TA15,

FS Ti6Al4V, FS CuSn10

1. The actual molding volume is related to the material, workpiece and other factors.

2. * is the type of material in the process of process research and development. The above data are preliminary technical parameters. Huashu reserves the right to change the technical data without further notice.

© Farsoon ® 2021 The copyright of this technical parameter sheet is owned by Huashu Hi-Tech and is not bound by the contract. It cannot be reproduced without the permission of Huashu Hi-Tech,

It shall not be regarded as binding on any contract or other commitment of Huashu Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. or any subsidiary or associated company.

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